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Enhance Your Everyday – A Multisensory Approach to Self Care

Here at ANFISA we are all about ritualistic routines that serve as opportunities to take CARE. While skincare is kind of our thing, our approach to wellness is multifaceted and serves to engage, inspire and stimulate all five senses. 

For all of ANFISA’s products, we analyze (a touch obsessively) the sensory experience that will accompany it — from the texture and scent of the ingredients we choose to the look and feel of the packaging they arrive in. This thoughtful and balanced method is mirrored in our own daily routines, placing the same level of emphasis of aligning our senses to our personal wellness rituals.

We’re sharing a peek into our morning routine, in hopes of inspiring you to engage with self-care that stimulates your skin, engages your mind, and soothes your soul. 

The Ritual: 

Rising with the sun, we welcome a new day filled with possibility and inspiration. Opening the window to feel the morning air and soft light on our skin.

The Sense: 

SEE // The soft light of sunrise sneaking through the window.

The Ritual: 

Water is the awakening element of our day. From the kettle steaming on the stove for our morning matcha, to the running tap inviting us to indulge in our daily skincare routine. 

The Sense: 

HEAR // The gentle hum of the whistling kettle, an audible splash against our sleepy skin. 

The Ritual: 

Vibrant and full of antioxidants, a freshly prepared iced matcha latte provides a bright start to the day. 

The Sense:

TASTE // An iced matcha latte with a splash of unsweetened oat milk.

The Ritual:

A lit candle signifies a new beginning — an hourglass full flipped for a successful day ahead. 

SMELL // The sophisticated scent of our ÂN-ILLUME - Bougie Parfumée. Balancing botanical notes of ripe cucumber, still-steaming white tea, the earthy depth of wood, musk, and amber grounds with the citrusy tartness of bergamot and mandarin – lighting our signature scented candle provides serenity and tranquility to your daily routine.

The Ritual:

For tension release, we reach for our Gua Sha. Activating the skin’s natural healing abilities and promoting the flow of life-giving nutrients, embracing the day with radiance and rejuvenation. 

The Sense: 

FEEL // The cool stone against warm, clean skin. 

Do you have a go-to morning routine designed to bring fulfillment to your day? Let us know by sending us a DM on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch.


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