CeraBind Technology™

The ultimate barrier guardian.


CeraBind Technology™

Explore cutting-edge barrier care with CeraBind Technology™ developed through years of rigorous research. Our advanced skincare innovation utilizes the synergy of ceramides, vegan cholesterol, free fatty acids, and antioxidants to create a skin-identical composition, providing unparalleled results.

Vegan Cholesterol: The Regulator of Perfection

Cholesterol isn't just a buzzword – it's skin's superhero: essential for maintaining the correct skin barrier function, it reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and increases water retention capacity.

The Building Blocks of Beauty: Ceramides

Ceramides are the foundation of CeraBind Technology™, each with a unique role:

Ceramide EOP: The Binder
Stabilizes lipid structures, acting as the crucial connector between lipid layers.

Ceramide NP: The Guardian
Main component in lipid lamellae, both structures and protects skin, locking in hydration to maintain a supple and smooth complexion while preventing moisture loss.

Ceramide NS: The Caretaker
Captures and binds water, maintaining suppleness while preserving the integrity of skin's natural barrier.

Ceramide AS: The Protector
Shields skin from external factors,
promoting long-term skin health.

Ceramide AP: The Renewer
Vital for the desquamation process of dead keratinocytes, revealing fresh and radiant skin beneath.

Antioxidant Synergy: The Defenders of Youth

Fortifies skin's barrier, sustaining its youthful vitality, and stimulating collagen production, preventing premature aging while also alleviating lip issues like chapping and cracking.

Free Fatty Acids: Skin's Supporters

The unsung heroes, ensuring the skin's structure remains strong and resilient by supporting the integrity of intercellular lipids in the skin barrier.


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