About ANFISA's New Skin

You know that feeling when you give your skin a loooong, luxurious exfoliating session, and feel like a new person on the other side? 

It’s like that, but for our website. 

If you’re new to the ANFISA story, in 2018 we launched ANFISA with our signature LILOU Radiant Hydra Balm to provide our community with a botanical-based product designed to restore skin at a cellular level, reduce inflammation and regulate sebum levels – without any harsh chemical additives and adulterants. The mission was not only to create a high-quality natural alternative to mainstream beauty products, but to build and foster a community seeking to improve the relationship with their skin.

4 years later, and our community has grown and evolved beyond our wildest dreams. 

Then and now, ANFISA’s dedication to quality and transparency serve as the driving forces of our brand experience. Our passionate approach to research and ingredient sourcing is reflected in all facets of the business, from product formulation to customer journey.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked to grow and strengthen our roots in the space of cleanical beauty, and are always seeking ways to better serve our amazing ANFISA community – looking to our customers (you!) for insight when developing new products, gathering feedback and understanding needs in order to expand our offerings and create a diverse line of sustainable skincare solutions. 

As we stood back and reflected on how much has shifted in our process and product line since our early days, it seemed only fitting to give the same level of care and attention to our online brand presence.

We are thrilled to introduce our fresh new site and are SO thankful to all those that helped our vision blossom and come to life. Our aim is to create a space to engage and inform our community with what’s happening here at ANFISA, and share our insights and experiences as a means to connect and inspire. 

As we start this refreshed digital chapter of ANFISA, we want to thank all our amazing customers, collaborators and team members who have supported our vision from the start, and have dedicated so much effort, skill and care into creating a community rooted in trust and transparency. As you explore our new site, we invite you to shoot us a message, leave your feedback, and take in all the new features (like this journal!). 

We’ll also be using this platform to announce exciting new products and initiatives – hint, hint. Consider this your official notice: you’ll definitely want to sign up for our newsletter here for exclusive first access to upcoming launches. 

A BIG shout out to all our creative collaborators who have worked with us in developing ANFISA’s new visual approach and online experience. We are so excited to finally share this new and improved iteration of our brand, and look forward to fostering this chapter of growth for seasons to come.

Website Design: Oh Sierra
Product photography: Benjamin Sisco
Beauty photography: Rachel French
Photography: Lauren Vandie
Videography: David Denton
Videography: Tony Roslund
Graphic Design: Cast & Company
Graphic Design: Paul Terrell
Copywriting: Philip Mak

What are you waiting for? Our new digital journey together begins right here.


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