A Groundbreaking Ceramide Lip Treatment

Powered by our CeraBind Technology™, this innovative formula is enriched with five skin-identical ceramides and vegan cholesterol, regenerating the skin’s lamellar matrix and strengthening the barrier for long-lasting moisture and exceptionally soft lips. Age-defying peptides visibly enhance lip fullness and plumpness, resulting in a firmer, smoother, and more defined appearance.

The buttery texture delivers an ultra-glossy finish while utilizing Cooling Tip Technology™ to calm and soothe lips.⁠ The nourishing properties of allantoin and bisabolol are also complemented by five cold-pressed organic oils, virgin butters, and a potent antioxidant synergy blend to ensure lasting defense against environmental stressors.

Apply as needed throughout the day or night when your lips require additional moisture and buildable shine.
Apply a thick layer to perform as a leave-on lip mask that locks in long-lasting moisture.
Suitable for all skin types, particularly those who are compromised, sensitive and/or dehydrated. Ideal aftercare following procedures such as lip injections or other enhancements.
Moisturizing, plumping, nourishing, smoothing, calming, defining, firming, protective, glossy
Explore cutting-edge barrier care with CeraBind Technology™ developed through years of rigorous research. Our advanced skincare innovation utilizes the synergy of ceramides, vegan cholesterol, free fatty acids, and antioxidants to create a skin-identical composition, providing unparalleled results.
The Building Blocks of Beauty: Ceramides are the foundation of CeraBind Technology™, each with a unique role.

Ceramide EOP: The Binder
Stabilizes lipid structures, acting as the crucial connector between lipid layers.

Ceramide NP: The Guardian
Main component in lipid lamellae, both structures and protects skin, locking in hydration to maintain a supple and smooth complexion while preventing moisture loss.

Ceramide NS: The Caretaker
Captures and binds water, maintaining suppleness while preserving the integrity of skin's natural barrier.

Ceramide AS: The Protector
Shields skin from external factors,
promoting long-term skin health.

Ceramide AP: The Renewer
Vital for the desquamation process of dead keratinocytes, revealing fresh and radiant skin beneath.

Cholesterol isn't just a buzzword – it's skin's superhero: essential for maintaining the correct skin barrier function, it reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and increases water retention capacity.
Fortifies skin's barrier, sustaining its youthful vitality, and stimulating collagen production, preventing premature aging while also alleviating lip issues like chapping and cracking.
The unsung heroes, ensuring the skin's structure remains strong and resilient by supporting the integrity of intercellular lipids in the skin barrier.
Non-comedogenic  |  Vegan  |  Pregnancy-safe 


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